Our Services

Effective Account Management

After creating a sales and marketing plan specific to your property, we identify your target markets and proceed with the following actions:

  • Dedicated sales calls
  • Product and destination trainings
  • Monthly reports for your reference, review and future action
  • Regular communication with your sales team for coordination, feedback exchange.

Proactive Marketing

  • Regular launch of newsletters and newsflashes about your properties, products and services
  • Participation in various regional and international travel shows
  • Participation in Road Shows
  • Organizing Familiarization Tours

Maintaining Positive Relations within the Global Travel Industry

The Asia Reps Teams are trusted by decision-makers within the industry. And we strive to do our best to maintain this level of integrity. We make sure that every time we speak to a product manager, a sales director, or a travel agency on your behalf, we are able to build not only interest for your brand, but trust and confidence the very basis for a long-term cooperation.

Market Segments

Asia Reps will cover the following market segments in the appointed sales zones:

  • Tour Operators, Consolidators and Whole Sales Agents
  • Incentive Houses, M.I.C.E. Operators and PCO’s
  • E-commerce agents
  • Deluxe and Special Interest Operators
  • Airlines, Associations and Clubs (such as golf clubs and wellness associations)
  • Tourist Boards and National Tourist Offices