ASIA REPS German-speaking Markets

Sales and Marketing
Aberlestrasse 16/18
81371 Munich, Germany

Coverage : Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland

Team Munich

Carla Cantara-Wiegand

Carla' s career history includes more than 20 years experience holding key management positions for various hotel and resort chains in the Philippines and Vietnam. She likewise worked for a DMC specializing in Indochina and took charge of developing the Southern European Market. Carla now oversees all sales and marketing initiatives of ASIA REPS.

Sarah Veeser

Sarah is in-charge of the German market. She comes with a very strong tourism background, having worked as a Producer in a multinational Tour Operator for more than 5 years. Sarah understands the value of combining the right product with the specific target markets. With her vast network of tour operators, travel agencies and airline companies.

Jill Siebert

Jill promotes our hotel clients primarily to the Swiss and Austrian market. Understanding the travel habits, requirements and ongoing trends of these markets, Jill identifies the targeted tour operators for each of our clients and maintains close cooperation. Jill used to work for one of Germany's biggest and best-known tour operators specializing in Southeast Asia prior to joining Asia Reps.

Sarah Voigtritter

Sarah takes care of all our social media platforms. She is also in-charge of all administrative tasks for our whole team. Organized and tedious, she is the go-to person in our team for our various internal requirements. Sarah helps us increase our scope of services for our clients, enabling us to focus on our primary task of increasing your market share.