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Our Journey

For more than 10 years, ASIA REPS has established a trusted name as an outstanding sales and marketing representation company, promoting high-quality hotels, resorts, cruises and DMCs to outbound markets around the globe.

ASIA REPS is committed to increasing your market share through proven, targeted strategies.

Take advantage of our expertise, our strong network within the travel industry, and professional support services to provide you with more revenue, more brand awareness, and better positioning.

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Our Story

ASIA REPS was founded in 2009 by Marc Sievert, who returned to Germany after years of living and working in various travel and hospitality companies within Asia. Marc had a vision of promoting a select group of hotels which reflected the rich cultural heritage of the different Asian destinations.

Shortly after, Carla Cantara-Wiegand joined the start-up company, bringing with her the specialized sales and marketing knowledge she gained after almost two decades of working in senior management levels for different hotels, resorts and conference centers.

From a single office covering the German-speaking markets, ASIA REPS has grown to establish offices and partnerships which cover the other outbound markets within Europe. Beginning with a small group of hotel partners , ASIA REPS successfully partnered with outstanding hotels and resorts from Indochina, South East and Central Asia, and continues these partnerships even today.

Fast-forward to 2019 and the company’s 10-year anniversary. ASIA REPS has established its presence in selected countries within Asia Pacific to cover the robust outbound Asian markets. Following the same dynamic standards of promoting their partners to the European markets, ASIA REPS now offers representation services covering key outbound markets from Asia and Australia.

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about us

Our Services

ASIA REPS offers a comprehensive package of sales and marketing initiatives intended to drive business, increase market share, strengthen the brand positioning and continuously create awareness within the targeted markets for your properties, products and services.

We tailor our services based on two things:

  • The outbound market you to target.
  • Your specific sales and marketing requirements.

Whether you wish to contract our services for a year, a quarter, or on a per-project basis, we will be glad to design a proposal that will effectively reach your targets.

The ASIA REPS Teams are trusted by decision-makers within the tourism industry. We maintain a distinct level of integrity and reliability. We make sure that every time we speak to a travel company on your behalf, we not only build interest for your brand, we build trust and confidence – an essential requirement for long-term cooperation.

Effective Account Management

After creating a strategic sales and marketing plan specific to your company’ requirements. we formulate our KPIs in order to measure our effectiveness and success. Having this framework in place, our teams will proceed with executing the approved plans in close coordination with your company.

Maintaining Positive Relations within the Global Travel Industry

ASIA REPS will connect your company not only with tour operators and travel agencies but also with various travel companies such as Airlines, PCOS, NTOS, Travel Conglomerates and Associations. We collaborate with the industry’s key decision-makers, enabling you to take advantage of opportunities to sell and market your products and services.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

We believe that the travel industry is evolving rapidly. Capturing a significant share of both the established and emerging markets is necessary to thrive in today’s competitive environment. We achieve this by carrying out tailor-made initiatives that strengthen your brand exposure and solidifying your market position.

Market Segments

We cover different market segments for different outbound markets. There is a wealth of potential in the Leisure FITs and Groups, MICE, and Corporate Travel. Depending on your targeted clients, and your company’s key USPs, we will focus on specific markets that will yield a lucrative business for you.


Our Partners

ASIA REPS takes pride in our partnerships. We promote high-quality resorts, hotels, and cruises which have distinctive characters, unique architectural designs, and are professionally managed to provide world-class services to guests from our global network of outbound markets. Our large portfolio of partners includes boutique hotels, hide-away resorts, golf hotels, wellness retreats, private villas, and city-center hotels.

ASIA REPS also promotes a select group of travel companies and other establishments that are either connected to the travel industry or are offering highly specialized international services to both B2B and B2C markets.

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